Let Me Fly!

Let me born
Let me have my birth right
Then I will show
How to soar high!
Let me just have a chance
Let me fly! Let me fly!
Let me have freedom to say, freedom to think and freedom to enjoy

Let me fly! Let me fly!
What I want is just
What I deserve
Little respect, little appriciation and a little support
Then I will show
How to soar high
Let me even clearly see this world, this endless sky
Just, let me fly like a freed bird
I just don’t want to stop
I just wanna fly higher and higher
Don’t change
Don’t chase me
Let me be what I am
Let me also have right to live
Let me see this world through new eyes
Don’t kill my thoughts
Don’t kill my future, my talent
Just inside these four walls
Let me also have goals, my aspirations
And my dream to explore it…
And I promise you that someday, somewhere and somewhat, I will change this world and your perception…
Let me fly! Let me fly!

(Poetess is class 11 student at Holy Child Public School, Faridabad)

Last modified onThursday, 08 June 2017 11:45
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